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Creative Process


I'm Mairyann, the Artist and lover of all things mysterious and steeped in Mythology.  I create the colorful star ornaments featuring Gods and Goddesses from around the world, plus many interesting animals that have caught my attention and really want to be idolized on a star of their very own.

I also have some cute little round animals that I mold out of clay and are small enough to sit in any small space, even your pocket!

I live in Southern Florida with my husband and one very independant cat.  We love to walk on the beach, work in the garden, take walks in interesting neighborhoods. 

If I am not working at my part-time job--passing out yummy food samples you will find me sitting by my craft table on my throne (some might call it a stool, but I think it looks very much like an Egyptian Throne!--very fitting for a Creatrix!)

I hope you enjoy my round animals and glittery star ornaments as well as my insights on my creative process--that can be a twisty road to follow!

Check back often to see what mischief we ( me and my muses) have been up to!

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