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Creative Process

Sunday, June 10, 2012

April Showers, May Flowers, June Bugs

My poor studio has been moved in and out many times over the past two months while new walls, paint, new floors etc are put in.  Still not done BTW.  But I am persevering and will show some of my latest efforts.

I had a lovely commission of four separate items. St. Francis, great patron saint for animals on a star and Artemis--lady of the wild mountains.  I had already done a nice little painting of Artemis, whom I refer to as Diana--all depends on whether you follow the Greek or Roman gods--so it was easy to transpose her image onto a star.

Then I did a cute little black cat as one of my round animals--this was a totem animal for someone in England.

and the same person that commission the other pieces requested something for herself--an image she had in a dream of a rabbit, moon, and bluebells.  I made this into a pendant.
I liked this image so much that I am offering it as one of my pieces for sale in my Etsy shop along with some others that I also created.
Also, had a request for five goddesses from Avalon, what a delicious idea!!  Now these will go on stars, I may eventually fit them onto charms or pendants.  Have not completed these--the remodel got in the way but here is a sneak peek.

Ceridwen, lady of transformations, shape shifter, she has a cauldron,and is associated with wolves.
Blodeuwedd, is the flower maiden, made from flowers, associated with rabbits and owls. There are 3 others I am still working on one is Arianrhod which I am going to show an a snowy white owl with a woman's face, she shape shifts into an owl and is the great teacher of karmic lessons.  Rhiannon, the Faery Queen will show her on a horse, she grants support to help you get what you need and to meet challenges. Branwen who sees the Big picture, and takes care of the earth.  They are all powerful and lovely.  Will hopefully post next time!

 this is ONE of the 4 sections of fake tiles I painted around my new windows.

 one of the three chairs I redid, the others were crackled, or just stripped and varnished.

 me at Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL, I do believe this is a hobbit hole!  oh yes.
Bye for now!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness

The above are stars that I worked on mid Feb to March!  It has been a busy month.  All the above images are from BIG paintings that I have created in the past.  I clip out just a little part that I think would make a nifty star and Wallah!  there you have it.

These are the Capricorn triplets.  I DO love goats.  I have several Capricorn bestest friends--Carol, Joni, Wendi, Dixie to name a few--if not all! tee hee hee.  I have often joked that I could organize a Capricorn reunion.  I am a Leo btw--go figure.  The above all had to do with Zeus.  He had a nanny-goat [ok, yes, realllly was a nanny to Zeus!]  that raised and protected him.  Later he honored--Almathea-- by making her the constellation--Capricorn in the heavens.  Also, her horn became the 'horn of plenty' or Cornucopia that was always full of fruits and veggies.  Her hide was the famous shield he carried that would protect him from all harm.

The above two go with the same 'Buffalo-Calf-Woman' painting.  She appears to the  Lakota and teaches them about 7 sacred ceremonies and use of the pipe.  ( it is a much more involved story--I am giving the cliff notes version)  When she leaves the tribe--buffalo magically appear on the plains and one is white--that is her.

Innana is a Sumerian Goddess.  She is kinda like Persephone and lives 6 months in the underworld, then comes up to earth--she wears a crown of a 7 pointed star.  Sometimes is seen as a cow--as above.  Fertility, prosperity, love are all her specialities.  I like the mixed human/animal images.

Nandi is the guardian or the incarnation of Shiva.  Take your pick.  He usually guards temples that Shiva is visiting.  The saddle on his back is because sometimes Shiva likes to ride him into battle.  I just liked the image and this is from a very large painting that I did featuring this auspicious bull.

I have plans to do some round animal creatures from the Chinese zodiac and here is the RAT.  This one is for YOU, ANYA!  (my 4 year old grand daughter)  even has a rhinestone crown.  classy.  It is not listed yet.

Sneak Preview!!!
Little foxy fox on antique brass pendant.  I will add black satin cord later...not listed yet!  still waiting for findings I ordered last month.

Next time I will post several of my new custom orders.  I LOVE it when people put in requests cause it is always something I hadn't thought about doing.

Happy St. Pats!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 2012: How Round Creatures are Hatched

All the little creatures start out as a pleasant dream that manifests into a picture
Tiger started out as a little drawing.

Raw clay and foam come together for the birthing process.

The bottom is leveled flat so the creature can sit properly.

Skin is put on.

Layer upon layer of shaping takes place over the next week.

A couple weeks of sunshine gives them 'hard' bodies.

smoothing and...

Shaping, gives distinct features

Pigments are brushed onto the skin.

So cute in their new skins!

Here they are in full make-up!

This little bunny is ready to go!

He is all wrapped up, safe and warm for his trip.

A small little crate will carry the creature to his new home.

Each little creature is dated for the year it was created and its birth number.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how the little round creatures are born. 

I look forward to special requests as they are a chance to cooperatively create.  Recently I had the opportunity to make a little cat in the image of a person's cat that had passed away.  It was fun going back and forth with the cat creature design making sure it had the right colors and characteristics of her pet.

May the Blessing BE--until next time,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's On the Workbench for January 2012

Hi, January is traditionally a time to leap into new projects!  What did you start this month?

I used my time to 'fill-in' that's what I call it when there is only ONE item left in a series.  I try to keep at least 5 stars of any one design and 3-4 little round totems.  December sales were brisk [thank the Gods!] and I ended up having to replace all my existing small sculptures and many of my stars. 

Pink polka dot piggies got some added glitter!  The Santa's now have a round pink nose. 
 The wolves also have more dimension in their snouts.  Better to howl with!

These are all 'in process'.  More kitties, tigers and Guinea pigs. 
 The kitties will have more dimension to their cute little pussy faces.

This is a SNEAK PREVIEW  I just am designing these cute little Dragons!!  For the year of the dragon coming up very soon!!  I think they will be so adorable once they get their colorful skins on!  Will post the finished dragons in the next blog.
We are now leaving the Chinese year of the Rabbit! 
 These Bunnies are brand new to my collection--better late then never...

RA, Egyptian creator God, got a face lift!  more rhinestones, pearls, redid background...see BEFORE below 

What do YOU think?  This is RA BEFORE the face lift.

My newest and sweetest addition to the Star ornament collection is the Bee Goddess.  This was a Minoan Goddess.  She taught Apollo to prophesy.  Pretty cool Bee, I say!  I felt like she needed red hair--because she is fiery you don't want to get her mad! ouch.  That is suppose to be a ponytail flying up on her head!

Thanks for stopping by!  see you next month!!  love your comments.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Solstice and What's New December 2011

Solstice celebrations begin tomorrow!  I traditionally light a red candle and let it burn till it goes out on it's own--the longer it burns the more blessings I will receive the following year.

I believe most of my followers are up North so I thought some Spring Cheer might be in order.

These are Petunias, and palms--a nice fat Plumbago is in the middle.  A little garden on the West side of my moble home.
a closer view of a Majestic Palm.

A Papaya I grew from seed, started in April!  Note the fruit.

The Crow is brand a brand new star,  He started out as an illustration for a book written by a Shaman, Crow Swimsaway.  So many people like crows I thought he deserved his own star!

Yasha Daikoku (he holds the wheel of the law)  is on a star of his own and has become quite popular among the those who are involved with law--several people ordered him for their budding lawyer-to-be friends as xmas gifts.
Osiris was just reworked--I was running out!!  so I made him just a tad bit smaller that's all.

This is my new version of Thoth, which I had to do since the old images were 'lost'.  I like him better.  the hieroglyphics are his name.  He carries a scroll with the names of the pharohs and his stylis.

This is the original version--which I sold out of this December.  so If you got this one then you have a truely limited edition.

This is the redo for Spiderwoman.  I made her head a bit smaller and added some sparkles.  Same wonderful creator of life.

Here is the original Spider woman--I think I just have one left. Same image just a close up!

Gaia was a special request and not an easy one for me to do!  However, I do think she turned out really sweet!

Happy Solstice to Y'all.  Please leave comments on what you are doing for this celebration!
thanks for visiting my blog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where Do the Star Muses Come From?

I start by doing small portraits on water color paper of Muses that A-muse me!

I then get  a small blank wood star--here is a drawing of one!
My images are TOO big for a tiny 3.5 inch star so they go through  an 'incredible shrinking machine"--also known as 'my computer'.
Now I am ready to paint designs, patterns & back ground textures on the front and back of the star!
I start with textures, add layers of colors and glitter, drying between each color.
Now shiney copper tape--same as is wrapped around stain glass-- is carefully wrapped around the edges of the star.  I have also been experiementing with a hammered copper paint.
My Muses like to hang around--tree limbs, knobs, corners of  pictures etc.  so I add a pretty black satin ribbon loop to the top of each one.
These muses can't be seen in public with out their 'bling'.  Must add glass beads, rhinesstones, glitter! to the front and back!!

Also each star is dated by the year it was made and name of muse, and my shop name:  Beauty Watcher!

Almost finished.  just a little varnish and hanging out to dry in the sun!

Now, the little muse is ready to go to it's new home.  I wrap the star up carefully in a piece of fabric--colors and type of fabric varies depending on what I have in stock at the time.

All tied up in a yarn bow and ready to go!
And this is how the Muse arrives!