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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Solstice and What's New December 2011

Solstice celebrations begin tomorrow!  I traditionally light a red candle and let it burn till it goes out on it's own--the longer it burns the more blessings I will receive the following year.

I believe most of my followers are up North so I thought some Spring Cheer might be in order.

These are Petunias, and palms--a nice fat Plumbago is in the middle.  A little garden on the West side of my moble home.
a closer view of a Majestic Palm.

A Papaya I grew from seed, started in April!  Note the fruit.

The Crow is brand a brand new star,  He started out as an illustration for a book written by a Shaman, Crow Swimsaway.  So many people like crows I thought he deserved his own star!

Yasha Daikoku (he holds the wheel of the law)  is on a star of his own and has become quite popular among the those who are involved with law--several people ordered him for their budding lawyer-to-be friends as xmas gifts.
Osiris was just reworked--I was running out!!  so I made him just a tad bit smaller that's all.

This is my new version of Thoth, which I had to do since the old images were 'lost'.  I like him better.  the hieroglyphics are his name.  He carries a scroll with the names of the pharohs and his stylis.

This is the original version--which I sold out of this December.  so If you got this one then you have a truely limited edition.

This is the redo for Spiderwoman.  I made her head a bit smaller and added some sparkles.  Same wonderful creator of life.

Here is the original Spider woman--I think I just have one left. Same image just a close up!

Gaia was a special request and not an easy one for me to do!  However, I do think she turned out really sweet!

Happy Solstice to Y'all.  Please leave comments on what you are doing for this celebration!
thanks for visiting my blog.

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