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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's On the Workbench for January 2012

Hi, January is traditionally a time to leap into new projects!  What did you start this month?

I used my time to 'fill-in' that's what I call it when there is only ONE item left in a series.  I try to keep at least 5 stars of any one design and 3-4 little round totems.  December sales were brisk [thank the Gods!] and I ended up having to replace all my existing small sculptures and many of my stars. 

Pink polka dot piggies got some added glitter!  The Santa's now have a round pink nose. 
 The wolves also have more dimension in their snouts.  Better to howl with!

These are all 'in process'.  More kitties, tigers and Guinea pigs. 
 The kitties will have more dimension to their cute little pussy faces.

This is a SNEAK PREVIEW  I just am designing these cute little Dragons!!  For the year of the dragon coming up very soon!!  I think they will be so adorable once they get their colorful skins on!  Will post the finished dragons in the next blog.
We are now leaving the Chinese year of the Rabbit! 
 These Bunnies are brand new to my collection--better late then never...

RA, Egyptian creator God, got a face lift!  more rhinestones, pearls, redid background...see BEFORE below 

What do YOU think?  This is RA BEFORE the face lift.

My newest and sweetest addition to the Star ornament collection is the Bee Goddess.  This was a Minoan Goddess.  She taught Apollo to prophesy.  Pretty cool Bee, I say!  I felt like she needed red hair--because she is fiery you don't want to get her mad! ouch.  That is suppose to be a ponytail flying up on her head!

Thanks for stopping by!  see you next month!!  love your comments.


  1. What kind of dough or clay are you using? I think your creations are so cute. :)

  2. I use an air dry clay.

    thanks for the comment!