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Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 2012: How Round Creatures are Hatched

All the little creatures start out as a pleasant dream that manifests into a picture
Tiger started out as a little drawing.

Raw clay and foam come together for the birthing process.

The bottom is leveled flat so the creature can sit properly.

Skin is put on.

Layer upon layer of shaping takes place over the next week.

A couple weeks of sunshine gives them 'hard' bodies.

smoothing and...

Shaping, gives distinct features

Pigments are brushed onto the skin.

So cute in their new skins!

Here they are in full make-up!

This little bunny is ready to go!

He is all wrapped up, safe and warm for his trip.

A small little crate will carry the creature to his new home.

Each little creature is dated for the year it was created and its birth number.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how the little round creatures are born. 

I look forward to special requests as they are a chance to cooperatively create.  Recently I had the opportunity to make a little cat in the image of a person's cat that had passed away.  It was fun going back and forth with the cat creature design making sure it had the right colors and characteristics of her pet.

May the Blessing BE--until next time,

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