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Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness

The above are stars that I worked on mid Feb to March!  It has been a busy month.  All the above images are from BIG paintings that I have created in the past.  I clip out just a little part that I think would make a nifty star and Wallah!  there you have it.

These are the Capricorn triplets.  I DO love goats.  I have several Capricorn bestest friends--Carol, Joni, Wendi, Dixie to name a few--if not all! tee hee hee.  I have often joked that I could organize a Capricorn reunion.  I am a Leo btw--go figure.  The above all had to do with Zeus.  He had a nanny-goat [ok, yes, realllly was a nanny to Zeus!]  that raised and protected him.  Later he honored--Almathea-- by making her the constellation--Capricorn in the heavens.  Also, her horn became the 'horn of plenty' or Cornucopia that was always full of fruits and veggies.  Her hide was the famous shield he carried that would protect him from all harm.

The above two go with the same 'Buffalo-Calf-Woman' painting.  She appears to the  Lakota and teaches them about 7 sacred ceremonies and use of the pipe.  ( it is a much more involved story--I am giving the cliff notes version)  When she leaves the tribe--buffalo magically appear on the plains and one is white--that is her.

Innana is a Sumerian Goddess.  She is kinda like Persephone and lives 6 months in the underworld, then comes up to earth--she wears a crown of a 7 pointed star.  Sometimes is seen as a cow--as above.  Fertility, prosperity, love are all her specialities.  I like the mixed human/animal images.

Nandi is the guardian or the incarnation of Shiva.  Take your pick.  He usually guards temples that Shiva is visiting.  The saddle on his back is because sometimes Shiva likes to ride him into battle.  I just liked the image and this is from a very large painting that I did featuring this auspicious bull.

I have plans to do some round animal creatures from the Chinese zodiac and here is the RAT.  This one is for YOU, ANYA!  (my 4 year old grand daughter)  even has a rhinestone crown.  classy.  It is not listed yet.

Sneak Preview!!!
Little foxy fox on antique brass pendant.  I will add black satin cord later...not listed yet!  still waiting for findings I ordered last month.

Next time I will post several of my new custom orders.  I LOVE it when people put in requests cause it is always something I hadn't thought about doing.

Happy St. Pats!

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