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Sunday, June 10, 2012

April Showers, May Flowers, June Bugs

My poor studio has been moved in and out many times over the past two months while new walls, paint, new floors etc are put in.  Still not done BTW.  But I am persevering and will show some of my latest efforts.

I had a lovely commission of four separate items. St. Francis, great patron saint for animals on a star and Artemis--lady of the wild mountains.  I had already done a nice little painting of Artemis, whom I refer to as Diana--all depends on whether you follow the Greek or Roman gods--so it was easy to transpose her image onto a star.

Then I did a cute little black cat as one of my round animals--this was a totem animal for someone in England.

and the same person that commission the other pieces requested something for herself--an image she had in a dream of a rabbit, moon, and bluebells.  I made this into a pendant.
I liked this image so much that I am offering it as one of my pieces for sale in my Etsy shop along with some others that I also created.
Also, had a request for five goddesses from Avalon, what a delicious idea!!  Now these will go on stars, I may eventually fit them onto charms or pendants.  Have not completed these--the remodel got in the way but here is a sneak peek.

Ceridwen, lady of transformations, shape shifter, she has a cauldron,and is associated with wolves.
Blodeuwedd, is the flower maiden, made from flowers, associated with rabbits and owls. There are 3 others I am still working on one is Arianrhod which I am going to show an a snowy white owl with a woman's face, she shape shifts into an owl and is the great teacher of karmic lessons.  Rhiannon, the Faery Queen will show her on a horse, she grants support to help you get what you need and to meet challenges. Branwen who sees the Big picture, and takes care of the earth.  They are all powerful and lovely.  Will hopefully post next time!

 this is ONE of the 4 sections of fake tiles I painted around my new windows.

 one of the three chairs I redid, the others were crackled, or just stripped and varnished.

 me at Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL, I do believe this is a hobbit hole!  oh yes.
Bye for now!!!!

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